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Invest in your value chain participants

Most companies like yours, especially those in manufacturing, reckon the significance of value chain partners like dealers, distributors, retailers, agents, masons, workmen, and more in your overall business growth. Yet, you are unable to build lasting associations with these partners as they are unorganised, and their associations with you and information is fragmented.

20.95, through HUMBEE – a business community welfare platform – gives you access to comprehensive group of value chain partners. It not only presents their platform to them to record their contributions, it creates a composite program for their benefits and rewards. The platform thus empowers you to recognise the efforts of your partners, thereby meeting your larger objective of channelizing welfare intent, promoting inclusive growth, and creating a social impact, while deriving tangible business objectives.

    Convert your intent to reality,
    reach your value chain partners meaningfully

    Value Chain Partners Participate Now