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Win The Market: Business Community Welfare – A People First Approach To Business

Businesses across India thrive on their distribution partners’ strength and local expertise. From Steel, cement to paint, From Financial Services to FMCG, each sector’s sales and growth are catalysed by its value chain partners, i.e. Super stockists, Distributors, Dealers, Retailers, and Agents. However, despite their value, such Value Chain Partners (VCP) don’t get to share the organised credentials of the company they partner with. This prevents the partner merchants from the benefits extended to those inside the company – including social security.

The safety net of social security is a life enhancement for value chain partners. With social security for times of ill health, through retirement, and in case of unfortunate death, they and their families can find a platform of security. HUMBEE focuses on an order management and fulfilment platform, while enriching the bond between businesses and their distribution partners. Transacting on HUMBEE fuels social security for Distributors, Dealers, retailers, and independent buyers – like shilpkars and other contractors.

How does HUMBEE make social security happen?
HUMBEE is a verifiable platform for B2B transactions. Powered by innovation at 20p95, it can measure sales flow/volume across value chain partners. The volume forms the basis of reward to social security allotted to a partner. This enables the platform to meet welfare enablement in a way that’s beneficial, inclusive, and transparent. Through this, value chain partners are treated with dignity and recognition. Social security, previously non-existent, can now benefit them and, at the same time, create an emotional strategic relationship between the two parties.

How can you strike a human chord with the VCP via HUMBEE?
The simple strength of social security comes from adding a humanitarian and relational dimension to business. The mutual benefit of a deeper relationship between corporates and distribution is at the heart of HUMBEE by 20p95. Since value chain partners are an entrepreneurial and unsupported demographic, they surpass Government welfare eligibility and formal Government schemes.

Humanity in business is at the heart of HUMBEE. Incidentally, the humane connect developed via an intent for welfare is also agnostic to any product, brand geography or industry. There are tangible benefits, and then there are the benefits that enhance an individual at a much deeper level of self-esteem and dignity. Through this, a corporate plays a part in securing a partner’s and their family’s future. An influence like this, stays with the partner.

What are the business advantages of a deeper bond between corporates and VCP?
HUMBEE also opens the door for a more optimal business relationship. With this flow of transactions and information, corporates better understand the sales flow within their distribution network. This can aid companies in enhancing their supply chain, distribution, and other business activities related to the movement of their products.

You can expect a bond created from protection to be fruitful and resilient for both stakeholders – the company and its value chain partners. Companies can seek to unlock richer bonds from value chain partners and treat this beneficial relationship as a foundation for business continuity. Social security enables value chain partners to have a more peaceful life. Social protection and post-retirement provisions enable a value chain partner to experience meaningful work-life satisfaction from a fresh dimension.

For the corporate, it can be immensely gratifying to contribute to the bigger picture of a partner’s life. It can lead to higher brand advocacy as well. It is a win-win solution stemming from a human connection. We are only the enablers for a larger purpose coming to life, and we do this seamlessly without disrupting or removing any of your existing value chain.

In summary
HUMBEE is a tech-first platform that enables the transactional side to a humane and welfare-driven business approach. Social security strengthens the bond between a company and its value chain partners who share its sales and distribution functions. The dignity and recognition of the value chain partner and the simple, humane approach of social security benefits the value chain ecosystem. It enhances their work life, peace of mind, and can be a foundation for a deeper partnership that drives a value chain partner beyond money. This also enables value chain partners to form a richer and safer working environment while developing marketplace brand advocacy.

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