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As Value Chain Partners – dealers, distributors, retailers, agents, masons, workmen, and more – you contribute substantially to the growth of an organisation but due to your unorganised and independent association to various products and operations, never receive due recognition for your aggregated contributions. No organisation can survive let alone grow if you or other value chain partners do not deliver your share of performance. Yet, the community is often overlooked and underserved by the corporates due to lack or inability to have a composite view of your efforts and contribution. It is not that the intention to recognise and reward your contribution doesn’t exist. Most corporates earmark sizeable corpus for welfare programs and inclusive growth featuring partners. But, the lack of a comprehensive platform creates a huge barrier.

HUMBEE breaks that barrier. It enables you to not only register yourself and your teams on a common platform but also record your contributions to various corporates. This, in turn, enables corporates to recognise your contribution and reward you accordingly in the form of social security benefits and health care benefits viz. golden age pension plan, Mediclaim, child education, and more.

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