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Are The Golden Years Truly Golden For Value Chain Partners?

“Once upon a time, the route to happiness was supposedly to retire in your early sixties with a decent pension, get out the golf clubs and start, er, swinging…”
– Camilla Cavendish, British journalist

We regard our golden years as the long-awaited phase of retired life. For many of us, golden years are synonymous with relaxation, a stress-free life, a chance to go back to our favourite hobbies, or simply sitting back and reaping the fruit of hard work. 

But what makes the years post-retirement truly golden for one-time executive-level employees? For sure, the definition of financial stability changes after retirement. It isn’t always the comfort of savings, especially in an age when medical expenses skyrocket without revenues to cover them. It’s here that social security becomes a boon, not only during emergencies but also to provide a stream of sustainable income over time. Many professionals even summon the courage to buy houses after retirement, for they have the cover of pension schemes, Mediclaim policies and senior citizens health insurance.  

Contrast this with the careers of value-chain partners viz. dealers, distributors, retailers, workmen and more, who are so crucial to the survival of businesses. Without them, the world economy would splutter to a halt. The entire business chain will be broken. We won’t even get the products and services we need every day. Even a collapse in one link of the chain could culminate into a domino effect that could topple an entire industry. In short, they’re the lifeblood of companies’ operations.  

But while white-collar professionals thrive in a productive, efficient, and regulations-driven organised sector,value-chain partners remain in the wilderness. Being part of an unorganised sector, they don’t enjoy regular employment terms. Many of them are not even aware of the social security cover that they need eventually in their golden years. 

They’re usually ignorant of the oxygen of long-term savings, life insurance, health insurance and medical insurance to support them during their golden years or cope with adversities that come unannounced. Without the backing of organisations, they start their second innings at a severe disadvantage. By the time the realisation dawns that they need to have life-support of social security, they comfortably pass the age to avail of those benefits. Every expenditure is fraught with guilt, appearing needless in the wake of larger necessities.  

This is not to suggest that businesses are entirely insensitive to value-chain partners. I know many firms have the welfare intent to make a difference in their golden years. However, since this endeavour requires a formal structure or an organised platform, businesses are unable to provide tangible benefits. This is where HUMBEE comes in. The HUMBEE app offers the right platform where the contribution of value-chain partners is not just recorded and recognised but also rewarded with both immediate and long-term social security benefits.  

In its brief journey, HUMBEE is in the process of rolling out life insurance worth Rs 56 crore and medical insurance to the tune of Rs 11 crore. 

The golden years are meant to leave a glint in our eyes. Thanks to the gift of social security offered by corporates, some day we would press the pause button to stop working like soulless robots. Our golden years will be the time to re-live the memories when we uncorked the champagne to celebrate special feats with our colleagues. Value-chain partners weren’t seated in our adjoining cubicles during our peak. But it’s hard to imagine how businesses and our careers would’ve flourished without their presence. We’ve been taken care of. They deserve no less.  

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